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For many people, their kitchen is the most important space in their home. And most real estate experts agree that the best way to increase or increase the property value of a home is to remodel the kitchen. The four main components of a kitchen remodel usually involve replacing the main equipment, installing a new floor, replacing or facing the kitchen cabinets, and installing a new table. scratch kitchen lompoc and Let's focus on the last component - replace your current kitchen table material with a new one.

Of course, this involves more than just going to the store to pick a new table for your kitchen. You must first consider how much you want to spend. You also need to figure out how much time and effort you should spend to maintain your new table. Finally, you want to seriously consider the style and look you want in your kitchen. Whatever type of table you put, it will be the focal point of the entire room.

The first type of table that comes to mind every worried kitchen restoration is granite. However, there are plenty of countertop materials to choose from - and granite is just one of them. These days, full kitchen renovations hope to choose tiles, stones, acrylic, concrete, stainless steel, and laminate, even wood!


Let's start with the most popular: granite. Granite countertops are the most popular but also the most expensive. Why? In addition to the beautiful surface, granite is very hot and scratch resistant. The granite table is very durable and will last a long time. A granite table will never be outdated and the installation of granite slab will greatly increase the value of the house. The drawback? In addition to cost, granite is a natural stone and porous. Sealer will be needed to prevent staining. One alternative is to use granite tiles in place of large slabs. Kitchen Accesories and Cost savings on tiles are high. It is important not to use the granite surface as a cutting board as it will blunt the finish (and damage one or two knives.)


In addition to granite, there are various other stone surfaces that can be used in kitchen counters. Quartz, marble, limestone, soapstone, and slate surfaces are very popular today. Marble is smooth and cool, suitable for food preparations directly on the surface. It is not as durable as granite and requires more sealing treatment to protect it from staining. Kitchen Design Idea and Slate is very durable and has a unique surface so it really stands out in the kitchen. Since slate has been used as roofing material, it does not require much sealing protection, but some maintenance is still required. Limestone is very porous and spills should be treated immediately to prevent staining. It has a natural, decaying look that can deepen and darken over time. Natural quartz has a look similar to slate but does not stain or scratch easily. Engineered quartz has gained popularity as well, but it costs far more (engineering materials are composite quartz products mixed with epoxy, polymers, and small stones or pebbles for unique look and feel.)


Ceramic tiles and glossy porcelain have been popular in the kitchen for decades. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Tiles can be as small as square inches and as big as six square inches. This tile is durable and also has some of the same heat-resistant and scratch-resistant qualities as granite. Porcelain tiles are usually more expensive than ceramic tiles, but porcelain tiles are more durable and the most difficult type of tiles fired. Loss of tiles? It can chip easily, more expensive than laminate alternatives, and grout can be a problem. When laying tiles together, there is a grout line between each and grout can be very easily tarnish. It will take more care to keep it looking good. Due to grout problems, the ability of tiles to crack and chip easily, and overall cost, it is best to leave the installation job for a professional.

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